Jenna Wang is a writer and journalist based in New York City.

She covers real estate and technology for Forbes, with a focus on urban design, co-working, hospitality, and how the digital is disrupting the physical world around us. She has written about home guardians who live for cheap in empty buildings in London, a beauty pageant queen who became a cannabis cryptocurrency entrepreneur, and why it took Starbucks 47 years to open its first store in Italy.

Her work has also appeared in Billboard, USA Today, The Daily Pennsylvanian, Benzinga,, and Knowledge@Wharton. She previously worked as a copy editor at the International Journal of Korean Studies, and a news editor at the Daily Pennsylvanian.

Jenna graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in Philosophy, Politics and Economics with a minor in Consumer Psychology. She also studied European Social and Political Studies while abroad at the University College London (UCL).